Company formation & Logo development of Stein Schwarz



Josef Schwarz was born 1910 in Burgauberg (border Styria/Burgenland). His father found there already a small company which still exists today. Josef wanted to have his own company and was going to search an appropriate location. 1936, in a economical very hard time he moved to Pinkatal, a place in the southeast of Austria next to Hungary. Crucial for the location were several reasons: The location was in that point of time very strategic choosen - Körmend a mid sized city in Hungary was not far away - the borders were at that time still open. So the basin was high. Moschendorf, the location of Stein Schwarz had back then 745 inhabitants and 20 firms. Today it shrank in a third. For the concrete production the raw material crushed stones had an high significance. The river Pinka which is going through Moschendorf was there, so the location seemed very well chosen.


The company was renamed in „Josef Schwarz & Sohn“.




1978 Josef Schwarz died in an car accident in the age of 68 years. 11 months later also his son died in the age of 40 years. The company lost within on years CEOs. Since 1979 the company was guided as a „widow company“ of Gertrude Schwarz until the brothers Josef and Kurt finished their education in stone design in Hallein, Salzburg. 



Stein Schwarz GesmbH was founded. Both brothers Josef and Kurt are now the CEO's of the company.  





In the year of 2006 a new branch was opened in Oberwart, a city north of Moschendorf. 





The company is celebrating there 75 years anniversary. In that way a new corporate design was created.