Stein Schwarz - "A STONE UNION “

Since more then 80 years Stein Schwarz has been established as a successful company in the stone industry. We try our best to give our clients and business partner the highest value of satisfaction. To have the transparency for that quality we gave Stein Schwarz the slogan „A Stone Union“.

Stein Schwarz is specialised to design natural stone products custom-made. Standard stone products can be produced cost-efficient. Stein Schwarz uses the most innovative stone production methods for their stone working. The excellence is especially shown in their design. They combine creativity, special know-how and experience in a fantastic way.

Stein Schwarz is split into 2 business departments - architecture and construction, cemetery and sacral. Therefore they can guarantee the highest quality, subject specific service and the personal counselling. For us it’s important to have a great workflow from the counselling until the finishing.

To allow a well-being with natural stone, we are proud to create objects out of the oldest and most natural material of the world. The different surfaces gives the stone a personality, which suggests the user versatile emotions.

Our staff guarantees the best and high qualitative completion.

The long-lasting and harmonic collaboration with our clients, suppliers and business partners has a high significance in the traditional company in the forth generation.




Natural stone - fascination as far as the senses rich

Stein Schwarz tradition is now in the forth generation. This make us proud. After the creation of all technical requirements for generating high quality products, Stein Schwarz will give the main focus on the design. Therefore innovation, design concepts and individuality are on highest position. Be inspired by our love to natural stone - released on the diversity on the structures and colours of stone and especially on the inexhaustible possibilities of forming.