Design of graves & memorials

It's all a matter of smart design.

To design a grave we would particularly like to address individual and extravagant wishes - for a suitable burial place for the deceased.

We attach great importance to preserving the identity of the deceased in their memorial. We are personilicing also the shape, the choice of material and the symbolism.

For grief processing it is very helpful and beneficial if the mourning survivors can relate to the place of the grave. Often a grave with its personal character is the most important place. Since in our rural area the survivors can often spend less time cultivating the grave, we are happy to help you to build a burial place for your loved who retain their beauty with little care and still receive flowers or candles at any time from you.

Due to the growing importance of the burial, we advise you to take a small personal urn grave - instead of risking a rather impersonal place in an urn wall. Please contact us and we will explain you everything in detail. 

We also would like to recommend you also the unique characters of the local stone materials. We also collaborate with regional artists.

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What is memorial design for us?

Through the design and implementation of individual tombstones, we want to make the grave a comforting and mediating place for the mourning survivors. We try to give a positive help with our creative ability and our services for relatives and mourners in coping with their painful loss.