Care & cleansing of tombs

Maintain the tomb properly.

In principle, the natural stone does not require extensive care or cleaning measures.

Dust, soil or dried water drops can be wiped off easily with normal water and a dry / damp cloth.


Please note:

  • In the summer: Do not pour extra cold water over the stone or
  • In winter: Do not pour hot water over the stone! The natural stone, even rugged granite, can create cracks!

Caution: Grave lights and candles should never be placed directly on the grave. Depending on the natural stone material, wax spots can only be removed with difficulty. It is recommended to use lanterns, protections cups and candle plates.

Of course, there are various cleaning and care products to achieve various effects. As for example to deepen colors or get more shine.

Here you will find an overview of all care products. We are at your disposal for advice.