Symolism & lettering for memorials

The symbols on memorials 

Symbols are signs which are of a general form and which have a profound meaning about what is actually represented. Their meaning was once deliberately chosen. In our design spectrum secular and Christian symbols are distinguished. In the area of death, the doorway, staircase, ship and water are symbolic bearers as a transition to death.

On the other hand, there are ornaments and signs, which, however, usually only have a meaning themselves or of the deceased.

Mourning cultures

Rituals and symbols give people support, especially when only the memory is alive anymore. The grave is the place of remembrance. A place where grief can be experienced and processed.

The culture of people is reflected in their dealings with their deceased. In the countries of Central Europe the stone has always been used for the design of tombs and memorials.


The writing on the tomb

An inscription bears great responsibility. It is the mode of representation of something very significant and memorable. As part of a tomb, it names the person and her life span. It can also provide information about thoughts and about the soul of a person.

In the inscription, the spirit and essence of a loved one should continue to live. It is the memory that one wants to have to live forever in it - so to say, the personality of the grave and of the deceased can work for eternity.

For this, we have developed our own engravings with which we would like to contribute to a beautiful farewell. Bronze and alu-letters, which are sublime in the foreground, can also contribute a great effect to the grave.