Natural Stone Interior

Interior Stone Design

Natural stone distributes every living room its own character. The various materials have through the special surfaces a unique impact. The variety of surface reaches from fine to rough, brushed, leathered, satin-finished, polished or matt finished. 

These facts will impress you: 

  • Natural stone is very long lasting and robust. It’s nearly impossible to destroy natural stone under normal* conditions.

  • It’s an one time investment. It is definitely long lasting if you have a look to all this huge monuments and buildings from former times. Neverless there are some tips for care. 

  • Natural stone will show up always as a timeless beauty. Out of research not one artificial material was so timeless used then natural stone in architecture, interior design and landscape building. 

Where can you use natural stone? 

  • natural stone floor 
  • natural stone tiles
  • natural stone stairs 
  • natural stone facades and claddings
  • fireside coverings 
  • living room objects: lamps, entry podests, ... 

Depending on the application of natural stone, there are various types of installation and design possibilities.

Stone tiles can be produced and delivered in all sizes and strengths. In the inner area also exclusive natural stone takes attention, which is often rather unsuitable for outdoor use in our climate zone.


*under normal conditions: please look at indoor / outdoor materials at possibilities of usage or contact us and we will advise you.

Bathroom and Kitchen 

Why you should consider natural stone for your kitchen & your kitchen: 

  • Very hygienic and antibacterial
  • Just harmful substances & ecological
  • Your indoor climate will be more fresh 

In these areas, the use of acid-resistant natural stone materials is highly recommended

Ideas & Design

Just contact us directly or via your (Interior) architect.


  • Sinks
  • Shower trays 
  • Wellness lounger 
  • Bathtub
  • etc



  • Natural stone in the bathroom
  • Natural stone in the kitchen 

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