Natural Stone & Garden

How to use Natural Stone ? 

Natural Stone offers a a lot of possibilities for surface design. Surface design allows to manipulate natural stone quite a lot but the material owns throughout an even better character.

Natural Stone can be used in every area. We would say there are no limits. 


Why you should consider Natural Stone for your outdoor area: 

Slip resistence and robustness

special surfaces like split surfaces, brittle surfaces or flamed ones 

Isn't that what you search for? 

Natural Stone offers those characteristics because it adapted over millions of years to their environment. 

You can use it for 

  • your court paving
  • path design in your garden 
  • as a natural stone wall 
  • your terrace 
  • etc.


Natural Stone especially for your garden 

You will probably love stones in your garden. Because its a natural grown material it will be perfectly integrated in your wonderful garden. The beauty of the rich spectrum of natural stones will give your garden a unique atmosphere. 

Of course natural stone has a practical and long lasting usage for you as well.
Step stones for your vegetable garden is just one example.
Rocks and "findlings" can be used as sit stones or fountains. 


> Natural Stone in your garden