Professional Care for Natural Stone


Natural stone, as a natural building material, is absorbing water, fats and oils  in a certain measure. This can lead to color changes. However, water will always be released.

Depending on the application area of the natural stone, a reduction in this behavior can be achieved by various impregnations.


1. Hydrophobation of the Stone:

By producing the water repellency, a watering-off effect of the water (lotus-effect) is produced, which greatly reduces the absorbency. However, the material remains steam, ie. it is possible to escape the water steam to the outside.


2. Production of oil and grease rejection:

This method is highly recommended especially for kitchen worktops because this prevents color changes. Here, too, the natural stone remains active.

Steinschwarz cooperates with well-known companies specialising in the impregnation of natural stone.


Here you will find an overview of all care products. We are at your disposal for advice.