Production & Technology

Processing methods

Modern CNC technology - With the help of our modern machines we are able to offer a wide selection. The spectrum of the surfaces has thereby considerably increased. These machines also enable lower costs and, of course, speed in processing.

Handicrafts tradition - in spite of this, some things are still handcrafted. Engraving or the gilding of fonts is carried out according to old stonemason tradition. Also special sculptures, sublime figures and reliefs are given by us or specially trained sculptors traditionally made.

» Surface treatment

Consulting & Service

Natural stone consultation

Naturally, we bring you material samples into the house or to your construction site, as we know that the decision is often only made on the spot. 

Project catalogs

You are welcome to inspire in our project catalogs, which we will gladly provide to you. Especially in the tomb design, it can be very helpful. In addition, we also like to show finished projects in real, as far as it is possible for us. You will also receive expert advice.

Planning and design

As a special strength we see the design and planning of our services and products.
> Types of paving


Material selection

You can find our natural stone selection here:

> Natural stones for house and garden
> Natural stones for tomb design

With these materials, we already have experience and can guarantee the best quality. We can offer some materials from direct import, which saves costs. Materials that we first test or produce less demand are delivered by our stone importers, who are familiar with those for years.



Maintaince of Natural Stone

Although natural stone can be maintained with little effort, various cleaning and care products are recommended. Through years of experience and regular product renewals from our partner companies, we are able to provide you with perfectly tailored cleaning and care measures. Our expertise is also divided into construction and grave areas: Of course, the grave care needs to cover other areas than in the garden or the living quarters.

> Stone Protection & Care in Living & Living Space
> tomb care