[Translate to Englisch:] Das Grabmal als Denkmal

A grave is one of the earliest cultural monuments of man. Even in archaic times, the people marked the place where they buried a dead man.

One lives twice - the first time in reality, the second time in the memory.

Honore de Balzac

Rituals and symbols give people a hold, especially when just the memory is still alive.

The grave is the place of remembrance. A place where grief can be experienced and processed. A grave is not just about names and dates, it should much more embodies the essence and life content of your loved deceased. 

The tomb is intended not only for a person who has come from this world, but also for us, who have remained here in the world, helpful and salutary.

The culture of people is reflected in their dealings with their deceased. Even in the countries of Central Europe, the stone has always been used for the design of tombs and memorials.

Stone towers are placed as a living sign of protection and happiness all over the world. In different cultures, other, often religious customs are connected with them.